Louis Dazy is a visual artist based in Paris.

His approach combines portraiture, animation, and light work to create highly evocative, cinematic images. His work takes its roots in cinema and films, from the 1950s to the 2000s, he has a keen eye for beautiful, cinematic compositions as he loves to explore various mediums and ways to create new worlds to dive in. Often inspired by mystery, glamour, and romance, his timeless creations are highly recognizable.

He works on projects requiring high-standard photography, videography, and animation knowledge for various clients.

He also sells his art as NFTs, making him one of the most successful French artists in web3.

Work with Louis: louis.dazy@gmail.com


Selected Clients

Ledger, Amouage, Amazon Prime Video, Belvedere, Yellowpop, Yamaha, Dom Pérignon.

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