Louis Dazy is a conceptual photographer & director based in Paris, France.

His approach combines portraiture, street photography and light work to create highly evocative, cinematic images. Working predominantly on film, Dazy brings layered meaning to his images through utilising a process of double exposure.

These images are created out of velvety darkness, glowing neon and starry sparks of light, carrying all the potency of a dreamy memory or still from within a filmic narrative. He takes an intuitive approach to convey feelings of nostalgia and melancholy with many of his works capturing outward glamour alongside private contemplation. Each image creates a poignant moment that implies deep emotion and ongoing action, as such his work is closely aligned with imagery we are more familiar with from music videos and Film Noir.

He also incorporates text, often in the form of neon sign writing, adding an additional layer of meaning, creating plot points through the confluence of the imagery, colour and words. Overall Dazy’s work carries us through a heady timeless flow which epitomises the glamour of the 1950s, the sexuality of the 1970s and the high pressure of the 1980s, blending French film styling with illuminated Asian super cities and American diner aesthetics.

Work with Louis: louis.dazy@gmail.com


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